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"Thank you Klontz funeral home, especially Anatoly Kalchik who was extremely helpful and went out of his was to help us plan our brother's funeral. Even though we live out of state, he went above and beyond to help make the funeral arrangements less stressful. He took our calls no matter what time of day it was and answered all our questions. He wasn't just only doing his job but he treated us as though we were his family. Thank you again Anatoly and God bless everyone who is in this line of work."

Family of Alex Gridyushko

"They did such an amazing job handing my brother when he passed. Our family couldn’t be more satisfied with their services!"


"Their caring and dedicated staff were very professional and courteous to my family during this trying time. We have been doing business with them and I would reccomend this funeral home to anyone who's lost a loved one and wants the very best in professional and courteous service. Their staff make sure that everyting is done in detail according to your wishes and need. They are with you all the way from the arranging of the funeral to after the funeral is over and they will always keep in touch."